Thursday, December 28, 2006

Karl's Weekend Reading

While listening for the distant sound of a rope going taut, Karl will be reading the following:

Victor Davis Hanson reminds us of Iran's inherent weakness: "Iran’s Ahmadinejad Far Weaker Than He Lets On"

So, as Iranians worry that their nation is becoming an international pariah and perhaps heading down the path of bankruptcy in the process, now is not the time for America to give in by offering direct talks with Ahmadinejad. That propaganda victory would only help him reclaim the legitimacy and stature that he is losing with his own people at home.

Nancy French has some great 2006 flashbacks of Democrat mis-steps at NRO, "Blue State Blunders".

November: After months of therapy trying to “find himself,” Iraqi Jamil Hussein realizes he doesn’t exist after all — in spite of his frequent mentions in the Associated Press. A blogger uncovers the revelation that the AP used false sources and fabricated stories of war atrocities. James Frey doesn’t see what the big deal is, since a “higher truth” is being told.

Hugh Hewitt interviews Joseph Rago, who is 23 BTW!

Our response (below) to Mr. Rago's opinions of bloggers.

HH: Well, again, the chaos of the internet…let’s take another controversy from this year, the cartoons depicting Mohammed.

JR: Sure.

HH: Did any mainstream media outlet publish them?

JR: No, they didn’t.

HH: Were they published on the blogosphere?

JR: Yes.

HH: Who did the better job of providing information to the public?

JR: Well, the reason a lot of newspapers didn’t publish them is because they were in poor taste. And that’s an editorial judgment, of which you can agree or disagree.

HH: But the fact that none…no one in the mainstream media published them…by the way, I did not think it was wise to publish them, so I share the judgment of the mainstream media there. But the judgment of the mainstream media was uniform. What’s that tell you about it? It’s not journalism, Joe. It’s a club.

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