Friday, December 09, 2016

#MAGA Idea #4

We all have our own idea of what Make America Great Again (#MAGA) means.

Here is another one of mine:

Trump is not a zero-sum leader.  Other countries can choose to improve themselves too.

For example, Comrade Zhukov and I came up with this one:

By definition, the only group that considers themselves harmed when Trump 'Makes America Great Again' are those who voted against making America great again (aka: The Democrat Party, Democrat voters, and people too lazy to go vote for Democrats.) 

However. . . if Trump's promises of new jobs, better jobs and better security are met, then - also by definition - even those against making America great again will benefit more than if their candidate had won.

This is just bias-free logic.

UPDATED 12.9.16 3:30pm:

I used a screenshot from today's Drudge

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Anonymous said...

We live in Ohio. It is an open carry state :)