Monday, June 07, 2010

Only the Left

We're a little late to the topic of the NYC 'Ground Zero' Mosque. Here are two videos that express the justified outrage, and another video of Jew-Hating Americans. We think these videos belong in the same post. Do you?

Pat Condell with a great contrast between liberal progressive communist hatred for Nazi's and embracing of Islam. And these comments:

Building mosques on conquered sacred ground is standard practice. It is was Islam has always done to assert its supremacy, and that is what is happening here. And of course they know how insulting it is, how offensive it is. Are you kidding? Why do you think they chose a site as close to ground zero? Or do you think that was just an accident?


This is like building a statue of Hitler in the middle of Auschwitz.
This is like building a Beni Hana at frick'in Pearl Harbor two years after the Japs bombed the hell out of it. Do you think your grandparents would have shown up in their Hawaiian shirts and a fist full of money ready to buy sushi?

Helen Thomas, both the face of Evil and of the MSM:

Remember, these people [Palestinians] are occupied, and its their land. It's not Germany. It's not Poland.

Whoopi Goldberg's defense of Helen Thomas, as just reported by Debbie Schlussel:

For many years, there were not Jews in Israel.

Only the left is ready (and anxious) to surrender the liberties of all.
Only the left speak of relocating people.
Only the left share the values of the National Socialists and Communists.

We turned to Moonbattery, Debbie, and IOTW as our sources for this post.

UPDATE 15 minutes later...

Helen Thomas announces her retirement. Pic at Drudge:

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