Friday, June 18, 2010

Right Winger Fears - UPDATED

Joshua Holland of Alternet lists the top ten things that "Keep American Conservatives Awake at Night". Let's take 5 minutes to review the stereotyping - about the same amount of time it takes Joshua to go upstairs and eat Mom's PB&J.

1. Government Concentration Camps

So the lefties can say Obama is like FDR, but not in the 'Japanese Internment Camp' way...

2. Moooslims!

Joshua succeeds in patting himself on his back for his tolerance. Now back to bashing Conservatives for what they may or may not think...

3. They're Coming to Take Your Guns

Josh, move this to #1. We will be the first in line to admit we were wrong about this fear, but not until we're proven wrong in January 2012! Until then, we'll continue to support this All American industry!

And Josh, this point may be why we smirk at your 'list o' fears. It is because of this topic that we do not lose sleep.

4. Article 3 of the United States Constitution

A hit on those Oath Keepers, GOD bless them. Joshua didn't provide a link to the Oath Keeper's site, so we will.

The Liberal Progressive Communist crutch in American politics - The Supreme Court. They can't sell their ideas in the public arena, so the Executive and Legislative branches, while useful, are not the real bringers of 'change'.

Stay tuned - we will find a paragraph in the Constitution and use it to justify the future forced-implimentation of our ideology!

5. Plotting Global Elites

No mention of George Soros, but he does mention the Swiftboaters.

6. The Decline of Married White Christians

Shocking! The race card isn't played until #6 in the list?! Correction: The Decline of Marriage: the cornerstone of America, and the reason for its greatness.

7. The Graying of the Culture Warriors

If policy were set by those under 30, only 12 states would not allow-same-sex marriage.

If only.

Funny how the left views the right, and vice-versa. When he mentions "old culture warriors", we imaged old hippies. The older generation on the right are either still working or enjoying retirement with their grandkids. Until the Tea Parties, these folks were anything but warriors.

8. White Minority Status

We knew the race card would get extra play! We sleep like a smug liberal blogger convinced of his intellectual superiority and knowledge of all human history (in the past 24 hours), but if we did have sleeping issues, the minority status of our race would not be in our thoughts. Now we're feeling insecure - is there a bigger issue here that we're not... zzzzzz

9. And the Browning of America

Was this just a race-baiting list disguised as a thought liberal hit piece? Or did Joshua paint himself into a corner by committing to a top-ten list?

10. Unions

White working-class “Reagan Democrats” voting for the colored guy? The horror!

We'd prefer Joshua provide a list of companies that thrived with union workforces. Or, a list of solvent union pension plans.

Allow us to add some more to the list of right-wing fears:

11. A Bankrupt Nation

12. Continued Failure Among Public Schools

13. An Expanded Culture of Death with Tax-Payer Funded Abortions

14. Waiting 18 Months for a Hip Replacement, and Other Known Horrors of Universal Health Care

15. A Gulf Void of Sea Life

16. The Detonation of an Iranian Nuclear Bomb

For a list of fears realized, and those still expected, click here.

Joshua's pic found at DailyKos.

UPDATE: Had to add this comment we found under Joshua's article:

I read this article and had to laugh at how trite and sarcastic it was.

Have liberals like Mr. Holland not learned by now the only thing "Right Wingers" are 'afraid' of are people like him who only seem to be able to spout the same tired and inaccurate rhetoric over and over? Really, not single one of these Top Ten items is based in fact but the Liberal wish that it were true so the Right can fulfill its boogie-man image they so desperately cleave to.

Mr, Holland, grow up sir.

And, if we may add, make your own damn sandwich!

UPDATE 6.21: Our friends at Moonbattery linked back to this fun post. Comment from Pokey McGee:

Here are 10 things that keep LIBERALS awake at night:
10. The graying of Fidel Castro
9. The thought that every state which voted on the issue of gay marriage DENIED the "right"
8. Dead terrorists
7. Religious folks
6. Speaking of #7, the eventual thought that the majority of hispanics are strong Roman Catholics
5. The 2nd Amendment
4. 2010
3. 2012
2. Obama's falling approval ratings
1. Live births

And Judith M.'s comment:

Wow, they got them all wrong, how typical. Here are some real ones for them:

1. The destruction of the US economy through irresponsible fiscal policies.
2. The dumbing down of the US population through public school programs that actually make people stupider.
3. The replacing of merit-based hiring with color quotas, race and sexuality quotas.
4. Fascist-type policies that represent unreasonable assaults on our personal liberties.
5. The creating of deeper racial divisions thanks to turning EVERY disagreement into a question of racism.
6. An America last attitude.
7. The attitude that government is our mommy AND daddy.
8. A complete disregard for the constitution AND the rule of law.
9. A usurping of the powers of Congress through presidential dictates and legislating from bench.
10. The person who doesn't have a clue what he's doing is the most powerful person in this country.

U/T to Moonbattery for classing-up by letting us copy their content!


Anonymous said...

next time write a more confusing post. That one made way to much sense. Or did it? Or maybe it does. What do you think im trying to say. You think that I think It does.

Anonymous said...

That would be a really cool game with the top Obama 'race' card. One side would be the Dems and the other the Reps.

You'd try to lower the other guy's poll numbers to either reach Impeachment as a Victory Condition or you'd win points toward Victory by passing bills.

You could also use occasional Instant Victory Point Gained Cards such as 'Court Ordered Gay Marriage' which would give the Dems 1 VP. The Republican Instant Victory Point Gained Card might be 'Democratic Senator Discovered Sleeping With Wife, Forced Out In Scandal.'