Tuesday, March 16, 2010


The useful idiots in our mainstream media exist in the name of liberalism. Our home page, now with 1866 biased headlines, is more than enough proof of their leftist ideals. Some of the headlines are intended, while others - likely most - are accidental. They just don't see anything wrong with headlines like these most recent five:

Why the Democrats Need to Hang Tough on Fincancial Reform - Time
Coffee Party answers Tea Party - CNN
Behind the GOP 'Commitment to America' - Newsweek
Catholic hospitals support health care bill - AP
Tea Party Avoids Divisive Social Issues - NYT

But sometime the MSM serves a greater purpose. To be a beacon of hope to their few, like-minded readers. Those readers have been under a lot of stress in recent days over the stalled government takeover of health care.

They see their president shelve any/all campaign promises of transparency, C-SPAN coverage, bi-partisanship, no death-panels and no taxpayer-paid abortions in his latest push to get the legislation passed. The votes have been short since last summer, even when the Senate was filibuster proof with 60 votes and the House flush with heart-bleeding bed-wetting liberals.

For the liberal progressive communist now laying in the dark in a fetal position with only MSNBC for a light source, some good news is needed. Even manufactured news.

In this dark void of despair enters MSM cheerleader: The Los Angeles Times:

This headline from today would be newsworthy --- if it ran one or two months after the May 31, 2009 murder of Dr. Tiller.

But why run such an article almost a year later?

If demand for late-term abortions went unanswered after the Tiller murder, you'd think we'd have had 10 months of news to that effect.

Have we been inundated with 'recent and unexpected spike in deaths during child labor' stories? That is the reason for the procedure. Right?

Or, now follow us on this point... is the MSM stepping in to offer a ray of sunshine on these otherwise gloomy days? Even the most loyal leftist is disheartened when Pelosi announces for the 180th day in a row that she 'has the votes'. These are tough times. Even for the few that still have jobs.

Our gut says the Los Angeles Times is cheerleading with the happy story of infanticide to cheer up the otherwise depressed base.

What does your gut tell you?

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