Friday, March 12, 2010

Big Fur Hat

Our hat is currently the prize at iOwnTheWorld's current caption contest. Be sure to click over and enter your caption!

Our thanks to the entire team there for partnering in this historic venture.

A quick look through will show us to be their #1 Fan. Incredible artwork - incredible creativity - an incredible match for our sexy hat!

UPDATE Saturday 7am: 490 comments in less than 24 hours! The Big Fur Hat himself comments:

The chances of winning this hat are about the same as Powerball right now…
But, it is a hilarious thread. I’m extremely impressed.

We are too!

UPDATE Sunday 9:20pm:745 comments so far. UncleAl:

This contest has been memorably engaging and entertaining. Something like this periodically would be wonderful, but it may not be easy coming up with ideas, judges, and prizes this good.

I know – we could have a contest contest! (-:

Way ahead of you, UncleAl. Keep an eye out for our next Commie Obama Cuss Jar contest!

UPDATE Monday 5pm:The winner has been announced:

ScratchNSniff: Husseinfeld – It’s the presidency about nothing. Starring B. Obama, J. Biden, M. Obama and a whole cast of losers.


We'll wait for that in DVD, assuming DVD players are still allowed in our glorious future.

Probably the best blog contest, evvvaaarrr. Thanks IOTW - it was an honor.

Should we offer a hat to DailyKos for a similar contest? Maybe for the best excuse why Obama is failing so bad. Some ideas to 'prime the pump', so to speak:

It's Bush's Fault.

Or, It's Bush and Cheney's Fault.

Or, It's the fault of those weak-knee'd Democrat members of Congress.


UPDATE 3.21:

Scratch and Sniff sent us a hat picture!

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