Friday, October 09, 2009

Obama is Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

He is now in the company that he keeps...

U/T: Contra Obama

Sweetness & Light has a post on the award and recent recipients - here.

Mary Katherine Ham, owner of our Commie Obama Rally Cap, lists the six other nominees - here.

UPDATE 7.9: A reaction in Saturday's WSJ Opinion page, The Nobel Hope Prize:

George W. Bush may have retired from American public life, but the Europeans want the Yanks to know they never want to see his likes again. Counting Jimmy Carter in 2002 and Al Gore in 2007, this is the third Nobel Non-Bush Peace Prize.
Mr. Obama sees the U.S. differently, as weaker than it was and the rest of the planet as stronger, and so he calls for a humbler America, at best a first among equals, working primarily through the U.N. The world's challenges, he emphasized yesterday, "can't be met by any one leader or any one nation." What this suggests to us—and to the Norwegians—is the end of what has been called "American exceptionalism." This is the view that U.S. values have universal application and should be promoted without apology, and defended with military force when necessary.

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