Friday, June 12, 2009

Gun Control via EPA?

Ruger to be fined $250,000.

We heard a rumor lately regarding the current ammo shortage: The EPA has restricted production to only the amount needed for military and law enforcement needs, and the manufacturers will be fined or have operations halted if production exceeds those levels.

We got a chuckle out of that, as we fully believe the shortages are due to higher demand - military, law enforcement and civilian.

Then we read this at Say Uncle, quoting an AP article:

The federal government has proposed over $255,000 in fines against a New Hampshire firearms manufacturing center alleging 60 safety and health violations between November and May.

Gun Control doesn't have the votes in Congress.
Clinton's threats of law suits failed spectacularly.
And citizens aren't lining up to turn-in their firearms.

Is there any other way to disarm those hateful proletarians?

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