Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Anonymous Bloggers

We dedicate this post to bloggers Ed Morrisey and SondraK, both owners of the 'fascionable' Commie Obama Rally Cap and ardent defenders of the anonymous blogger.

Morrisey started the poll above at HotAir, and discussed the recent outing of an anonymous blogger. He comments on his early anonimity:

When I first began blogging, I used a semi-pseudonym, a nickname I’d had for two decades before blogging, for much the same reason as Publius. I worked in the corporate world and not academia, but I didn’t want my firm’s customers or my staff to get uncomfortable working with me. My family already knew about the blogging, so that wasn’t a motivation for me, but otherwise I completely understand why Publius wanted to retain his anonymity. My success eventually outed me, and it did cause me some problems — most of which were self-inflicted — but I’m happy about how it worked out since, for obvious reasons. Had someone else outed me instead, I would have been furious, and for good reasons.

SondraK chimes in at KnowledgeIsPower:

Bloggers should worry less about the anonymity of bloggers (which isn’t a “bane” at all) and respond to the arguments instead — or ignore them.

Our motivation: we don't want a Google search to show a future employer 3000 hits of partisan babble. It would be relatively easy to find our identity and liberals are encouraged to try since their instinct is to find any reason to avoid debating our positions. 640 posts in three years and not one retraction or correction, just a couple naive predictions and one very cool hat.

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