Thursday, March 19, 2009

What is Communism?

Truth is anything that will promote Communism.

A 14-minute 1950's video with FBI informant, Herbert Philbrick, who infiltrated the commies:

My grandmother used to say 'what you don't know won't hurt you'. But today what you don't know can kill you.

Yes, the Communists have plans for you. As soon as they're in power, they will arrest many of you, seize your property. If you're important enough, they will shoot you, along with all community leaders. The rest of you will be regimented, and some of you forced into slave labor.

So where is today's Herbert Philbrick? Do we have to continue watching him and Ronald Reagan (click Truth about Communism link in Cinema section to left) in black and white?

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Peggy McGilligan said...

My God; the Enemy From Within. When President Obama hired Clinton-era players, he didn’t just signal a failure to grasp the fundamental lesson of that administration – loss of trust. Take Barack Obama’s CIA director, “nice, quiet, civilized” Leon E. Panetta. Bill Clinton’s White House chief of staff. California State University – Monterey Bay’s patron saint. Founder of the Panetta Institute for Public Policy. Leon Panetta, who flew back to Monterey at the height of the Monica Lewinsky scandal and announced to the CSU, “There has been a stalker in the White House. It was frightening.” Thanks to some rather adroit media manipulation, students heard only Panetta’s accusations, but learned nothing of Monica’s exculpatory blue dress from local KSBW TV News. Panetta controlled the school’s cable TV, from which even CNN disappeared. Fox News would never be an option. Panetta who, from his publicly-funded political institute opposed George W. Bush’s Homeland Security reorganization, and the detention of enemy combatants at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba.

When Leon Panetta denounced Bush’s policies form his Panetta Institute, located squarely on the former US Army Fort Ord, where both his so-called “think tank CSU,” and his namesake institute are located, it was Memorial Day 2002. So, Panetta told the national television audience he was located in Salinas, Calif. instead. Conspicuously absent from the CSU’s bookstore, and its own well-stocked tax-funded oppression studies library: any textbook by a Caucasian author, any text by a Christian author. Panetta even used KSBW News to deflect Gary Condit’s detractors during the Chandra Levy disappearance. (Remember Fox News commentator Barbara K. Olson? Remember Flight 77?) Perhaps not coincidentally, Panetta’s CSU opened its doors on 23 August: Italian anarchists Sacco & Vanzetti Memorial Day. Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis pardoned the Sicilians posthumously 23 August 1977, making Sacco & Vanzetti Day official. How the US Department of Education facilitated this heinous little “experiment,” and how the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), conspired to accredit the boondoggle, and grant these Alinskyites a license to steal is yet another story.

Saul D. Alinsky, among other things, was a clotheshorse, who often donned a fedora. Louis Farrakhan always appears nattily attired. Al Capone’s official mug shot features “Big Al” in a three-piece suit. People tend to give Panetta a pass, if only because he wears a necktie. Interestingly, Panetta began his political career as a Republican. Panetta switched to the DNC because in his words, “They had a bigger tent.” Saul Alinsky passed away in 1972, in Carmel Valley, Sicilian Panetta’s much-touted bailiwick. I first learned of Panetta; while out trying to appease the radical professors, hate mongers and race baiters, he’d hired to inculcate Marxist philosophy into our daily lives. Personnel is policy. Anyway, the far-Left’s enforcer-in-chief it seems slipped unannounced into my on-campus residence and surreptitiously replaced my showerhead with a stingy water-conserving device. In like manner, my wall-mounted fire extinguisher would vanish shortly thereafter. Gone without a trace. But things were about to get worse, and much worse for the American people: