Monday, March 30, 2009

Amateur Hour Continues

All quiet on the diplomatic front when it comes to North Korea. Apparently the US "will allow the launch" of North Korea's communications satellite ICBM test. The silence is understandable - Obama cannot trash missile defense as "unproven", and barter it away to Russia for empty concessions if he uses the existing system to shoot down the missile.

The silence is also understandable as to the treatment and fate the two US journalists in North Korea, Enua Lee and Laura King. They will be going on trial in Pyongyang for espionage after being captured two weeks ago on the China border. They've been sold out by the administration and any further comments would be counter-productive to our extended hand of friendship to commies around the globe.

Our national security and our value for life are being diluted in front of our eyes. If only the TelePrompTer had some balls....

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