Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Hats in San Francisco

Ushanka.us infiltrated enemy territory over the weekend to come face-to-face with the hammer & sickle enthusiasts of San Francisco. We met up with fellow members of the resistance and returned with unauthorized photos from our visit.

Overheard Saturday morning:

Angry White Male: You need to pack up your booth. They don't allow hate booths here!

Karl: Hate booth? I'm a lover, not a fighter!

AWM: I'm going to get you kicked out of the show!

Karl: What happened to freedom of speech?

Overheard Sunday morning:

Vietnam Vet: I like your hats. I fought the Communists in Vietnam.

Karl: Ask most people, they wouldn't know that the Vietnam War was about containing Communism, nor would they know the evils behind the ideology. I blame the media and their revisionist efforts.

VV: I stayed at a veteran's hospital near here, and people would spit on you when you would walk out.

Karl: [handshake] Thank you for your service.