Thursday, July 05, 2007

Weekend Reading

Today it seems that every soldier killed in action and every minor skirmish involving American troops is front-page news. But 231 years after the Declaration of Independence was ratified by the Continental Congress, we seem to have lost sight of the everyday heroics and sacrifices that made this republic possible. The Revolutionary War took eight years to win, with many defeats and setbacks along the way. We owe those who stuck with it and made those sacrifices more than we know.

Ted Nugent doesn't like hippies. Were the 60's about love, or drugs and irresponsibility? Ted shares his memories in his WSJ article "The Summer of Drugs".

...BUT... Debbie Schlussel nukes "Uncle Ted". We're disappointed to find out Ted Nugent does not fully practice what he preaches. Another UT to Debbie.

James Taranto was on a roll Thursday in his Best of the Web column at Opinion Journal. A nice two-page analysis effort, far more than necessary, to identify a common trait, a single common thread among the 8 London terror suspects. Our favorite: "Our son, the doctor. How quickly they blow up!" James also reviews the Clinton outrage over the Libby commuting.

Daniel Henninger suggests terrorism will be issue #1 in the 2008 elections in his WSJ opinion piece: "It's Not the Economy, Stupid." As you know we think taxes will be the top 2008 issue, but we'll gladly defer to Mr. Henninger as either issue will give the commies another four years to come up with an agenda.