Monday, July 16, 2007

A Day of Milestones (Comments)

Our daily assault on the MSM is as fun as it is unfair! Those poor journalists are forced to come up with news when there is none, and all this extra time allows for their commie-instincts to morph their news-reporting into agenda-setting. It will be a never-ending phenomenon, as the job market for ex-journists is... a quagmire.

Today feels different. Did you notice too? We saw a few news items today that appear more like milestones in the project plan for a more peaceful world than empty news stories.

NPR Link - Britain Expels Four Russian Diplomats

They may not refer to terrorists as "muslims" anymore, but the Brits still hold a high standard for justice when it comes to espionage-related murder on their own soil. It appears they will also review their visa-approval process for Russian government officials.

AP Link - North Korea Shuts Down Reactor

We are not celebrating yet, but this major event shows that US policy is working. Does it signal N. Korea is buying the next set of US give-aways with this shutdown, buying time before turning the reactor back on, or responding to the new US pressure such as the recent funds seizure in Macao?

UPI Link - Fatah Terrorists Disarm

Most MSM'ers were calling this 'Israel to release 180 prisoners' today. Most didn't report the disarmament agreement. It suggests to me Israel has established a better negotiating position through respect of their targeting prowess against terrorist leaders in Gaza and the West Bank. While 'better' is good, we are tired of watching Israel re-unite murderers if innocents with their ilk, and we doubt these thugs will be disarmed for long.

Did we just wake up extra optimistic today, or did we wake up at all? Your thoughts?

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