Saturday, May 05, 2007

Weekend Reading

Michael Barone has a concise piece on Gun Free Zones at "Feeling Safe Isn't Safe".

Mike at The Jawa Report gets a rare blog line and Ushanka Tip for his rant on why feminists aren't making any noise about Islam's treatment of women:

If women can devote their energy to saving African and Asian orphans, one at a time, and if they can save the polar bear, the wolf, the harp seal and just about every other conceivable cute furry animal, and if they can save Earth from global destruction, one toilet paper square at a time, then they sure can unite to forcefully and continuously protest the treatment of Muslim women as second-class human beings.

Bret Stephens at the Wall Street Journal lays out the hypocracy at the World Bank. So some promotions of girlfriends are ok, but others are not? "Notes on a Scandal: How Ethical are Paul Wolfowitz's Detractors?"

New Blogroll entry! We added a link to Michael Fumento's site this week in our blogroll. He just returned from Iraq and has some great, unbiased, stories.
UT: Blackfive.

Oliver North reviews the "major challenges" listed in the latest State Dept. Country Reports on Terrorism report. A 25% increase in terrorism with a 40% rise in deaths. "Terror, Inc." is at

This week the State Department published its annual Country Reports on Terrorism. For those who want facts about the radical Islamic jihad being waged against the West, it's fascinating reading. For simpering solons in Congress, slithering back up Capitol Hill with their vetoed "surrender supplemental," it is bad news. And for those with any grasp of history, it's deja vu.

Linda Chavez explains how the "Democrats have set up the wrong benchmark" in their surrender bill. Good suggestions in her Townhall article "Anti-war or Anti-troop".