Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wednesday Night Cigars

Two Rocky Patel Edge's were burned at Mikhail's dacha this evening. Excerpts of the conversation:

Karl: ...of course I'm a Colonel, so I'll have to go on taking cold showers until they elect some gal president!

Mikhail: I remember election night, November 1976. I was going to bed and it looked like Carter was going to beat Ford. I told my mom, if Carter wins, this country is going to suffer. Boy, was I right!

Karl: If it ends up being Hillary vs. Bloomberg as nominees in February, it'll be like looking at a dark cloud on the horizon. Can you imagine how businesses will be hammered? Jobs will be tight, and it'll be hard to find a safe place to invest. And we'll know almost a year before it begins!

Mikhail: Romney said he'd use the veto pen.

Karl: I guess I'm his target market then. Although, Ross Perot offered that same hard line, and I think he would have really messed things up. What about Bloomberg vs. Richardson?

Mikhail: Richardson.

Karl: Yep, me too. Richardson has cut taxes, Bloomberg hasn't. But we'd be out of Iraq.

Mikhail: I'm not sure. I think if a democrat gets elected, and sees the intelligence information that Bush sees every day, they'll stay in Iraq. I don't think they, or half of America, realize who we're fighting, or what the stakes really are.

Karl: Thompson vs North for the Republican nomination?

Mikhail: OLLIE!