Monday, February 19, 2007

No Ushanka for McCain

Rats. We have allowed ourselves to be pulled into the silly pre- pre- 2008 election season - just 623 days before the official poll. How did we allow this? Why must we post a comment rather than watch a re-run of Fox's first 1/2 Hour News Hours episode from last night?


This guy discarded his moral compass long ago to pursue two goals: 1) be everything to everybody, and 2) get into the White House in January 2009. He is as much a conservative as the sexy and fashionable ushanka is the choice headgear for the coming global warming temperature spike.

This weekend he suggests he is against Roe v. Wade, and willing to do his part in reversing that decision. This is news to us - he is on the record as supporting the decision in the past. Looks like pandering to the right. Smells like pandering to the right. Feels like pandering to the right.

Second, today, the Senator suggests Rumsfeld was the worst Secretary of Defense in history. This is pandering to the left, and we know how the left defines history. Ann Coulter explained it best: [paraphrasing] liberals define history as what happened since they climbed out of bed today. No need to remind fans of how Rumsfeld took the fight to the enemy (and also fought a second front against an enemy here at home). But, the senator may want to look back to Les Aspin, the secretary who denied the request for three tanks and an AC-130 gunship to the troops in Somalia in 1993.

Both these statements contradict previous McCain positions and we are confident they will contradict future positions. Anyone want to bet a mocha frapuccino on it?

As far as we are concerned, McCain, and his fellow liberal candidates, are in the race to serve one purpose: as punchlines for future humor here at Now, back to our day off.

2.20.07 Update: Whoops. Forgot about McNamarra - Operational Analysis in place of a strategy for victory. Or Harold Brown - SALT II and Detente. Or William Cohen - 2 US Embassies, USS Cole & Khobar Towers. All liberals, just like Senator McCain.

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