Thursday, February 08, 2007

Karl's Weekend Reading

Karl will be enjoying some great commentary from this this week.

The WSJ hit back-to-back home runs today with pieces on Hillary. With days like today, the $500+ I spend on a two-year subscription seems too little.

Hillary on Iraq: From stalwart hawk to get out fast

The reckless caution of John Edwards and Hillary Clinton, by James Taranto

Speaking of newspaper subscriptions, Karl canceled his LA Times subscription back when the paper endorsed Bill Clinton because, and I remember this quote as if it had been today, "he speaks the language of diversity". Hugh Hewitt gives the LA Times some advice in his column at Townhall: Refusing To Bleed Out: How The Los Angeles Times Could Save Itself (But Probably Won’t)

Larry Kudlow is still a broken record on how Bush's economy is "the best story never told". That, and the 50 million liberated in the Middle East, but don't get Karl started! At NRO: Bull-Market Cheers for Bush: Floor brokers get it.

Some parting thoughts for the weekend:

1) I should have married Anna last month. We had something special. Something I don't expect you to understand...
2) Sean Hannity is welcome to steal any content he wishes. May I suggest using the Winner's Circle tool to find the most biased headlines?
3) The guy with the thing on his lip and the pretty hair showed backbone this week by sticking with his controversial blogger gals. Mr. Backbone proposes instant retreat if elected in '08.

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