Friday, July 02, 2010

Leadership Fail

Imagine your family's house has a 4-foot wide hole in the roof. A rainstorm is coming, and Dad says he's going to clean out the garage. Now imagine Dad becoming President.

Keeping to his Hope and Change style of leadership, Obama has launched a new initiative - to bridge the digital divide.

Haven't heard that term in a while, have ya?

Some leaders address problems that exist. If Obama were that type of leader, he'd be spending his time on the economy, jobs, the oil spill or the Iranian nuke problem. To name a few.

Instead the non-issues of Arizona's application of federal law, corporate speech, the operations of bank, oil and auto companies, and now broadband access are his priorities. At CNN:

Washington (CNN) -- President Obama on Friday will announce new government investments in 66 projects to expand broadband connections in rural and poor areas across the country.

The $795 million in grants and loans funded by the 2009 economic stimulus act will create 5,000 jobs and generate $200 million in associated private investment, according to information provided by the White House.

The "Digital Divide" was a political issue 10 years ago. Today it is as available as milk. If you want it, you can have it. Yesterday's news: Free and Unlimited WiFi at Starbucks. Only a moron would think there is a problem here. According to, the current location struggling for access is... Indonesia.

This all leads to the same questions about Obama:

What is this guy doing?

Is this part of some plan?

The only thing less stupid would be to give $795 million in tax incentives to Starbucks and other coffee companies to open stores in these target areas. Equal or more jobs created, $795 million in less taxes, new taxes generated, free Internet.

On the plus side, we're only talking about 1% of the Stimulus money...

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