Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Defeat From Above

Airborne! Our congratulations to fellow Army Reserve Officer Scott Brown on his upset victory over Martha Coakley and the Democratic machine in yesterday's senate election in Massachusetts.

Lessons Learned:

It may take a few days, but Attorney General Coakley should come to the realization that turning a blind eye to an assault in her presence is the wrong choice.

Ignoring a sexual assualt against a 23-month old doesn't help one's political aspirations either.

And why did Obama go to Massachusetts to campaign for Coakley? This was a strategic error on his part, as his visit acknowledged the link between the election and his commie health care plans. The day-after "Coakley screwed up" mantra is falling flat because of Obama's visit.

Another strategic error was to hold his $1 trillion 'stimulus' to buy votes in the Fall elections and not spend some of it this past month in Massachusetts. The GOP, like gun and ammo manufacturers, is experiencing unprecedented enthusiasm with no end in sight. This was an opportunity to slap us down and remind us that envy takes precedence over liberty.

A special Ushanka Tip to Michelle Malkin for keeping tabs on voter fraud yesterday. These single elections give us the ability to shine a very bright light on the ACORN and SEIU shenanigans. Michelle - lets find a way to do the same across all elections this Fall!

Random Thoughts and Predictions:

Why does our president say Health Care Reform legislation is desired by us proletarians when it will supposedly pass with a 60% majority in the senate, but not a 59% majority?

Will the Massachusetts 'independents' lib-out before the November elections? Their track record is grossly lacking. We're grateful for our victory yesterday, but sustaining pro-constitution and pro-limited government enthusiasm isn't a voter trait in that state.

Same question at the national level: Will our fellow tea-partiers hang up their ushankas and consider their job done? This isn't a hypothetical - we've noticed a severe drop in the activities of our local tea-party group.

Same question at the individual level: Will Brown lib-out? We have too many scars caused by the principled-turned-unprincipled. We quote the LT in Starship Troopers to express our feelings toward Brown, Palin and the others that excite us today: "You're it until you're dead, or we find someone better."

Biotech and Pharmaceutical stocks trended upward yesterday on the logical conclusion that their businesses will be better off with Brown in the Senate. Yet, according to Mona Charen, "...Pfizer, Merck, Amgen, Sanofi-Aventis, Eli Lilly, Novartis, AstraZeneca ... Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Humana, HealthSouth and UnitedHealth all were sipping white wine with Coakley" a week ago at a fund raiser for the Democrat. We list these confused companies on purpose. One is a former employer.

Prediction: Obama will sign a health care reform bill. He still has significant majorities and the liberal progressive communist inspirations are too great for all the Democrats lucky enough to still hold office. Agree?

UPDATE 9:40am:

Too sweet!

U/T: Instapundit

We continue to ponder: After the 2006 election, Rumsfeld was out the next day. Bush heard the voters and held Secretary Rumsfeld accountable for the loss of focus in Iraq. Will Obama make any leadership or policy changes after yesterday's senate race, a race that he himself nationalized? Or will the only change be even less transparency?

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