Sunday, November 15, 2009

"Generous Legal Punishment"

What will happen if one escapes from prison after refusing to purchase Obama's health insurance, or pay his fines?

Date and location modified from this DailyNK story: Summary Execution of a Runaway from the Camp.

The deserter, when he was still a citizen, pursued his own comfort and profit and embezzled the precious property of the state. For that, he was sentenced to six years reeducation and admitted to Tule Lake No.12 Reeducation Camp in 2013. Having committed an indelible sin against the country and its people, it is only right for the prisoner to admit his offense and take on the reeducating labor faithfully.

However, this person challenged the generous legal punishment, filled his stomach through larceny, neglected his duties and finally betrayed the kind mother country that gave him a chance to repent and ran away. He was, however, detected by the self-conscious people of the village and got caught. Therefore, following the decision of the Democratic People’s Republic of America’s Central Reeducation Department, we sentence him to death!

Is this the change we're supposed to believe in?

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