Wednesday, November 05, 2008


The election of Barack Obama is "historic" as many of our fellow conservative bloggers posted in a shameful hurried rush.

Yes, the most liberal candidate in the history of the United States is now President Elect. That is historic.

Yes, the candidate that proposes a 25% increase in federal spending, paid for in higher taxes for all, was elected. That is historic.

Yes, the candidate with the most ambitious goals to ignore and override fundamental values written into our Constitution has been elected. That is historic.

Yes, the candidate who will cash out the gains of 232 years of liberty, capitalism, individual initiative, investment risk and spilled blood was elected last night. That is historic.

Obama ran a well organized campaign, put in a maximum effort, and beat McCain-Palin with enough margin to negate the Democratic Party's massive fraud efforts. NOT historic. That is just good campaigning.

If you want to call us racist, get in line. We are a product of the US public school system where we endured years of indoctrination that told us skin color, gender, etc. was to be ignored. That all are equal. Ok - that is what we are doing. Our question to those who want this to be about race is: why weren't you paying attention in public school like we were?

So, while some of our fellow bloggers want to write about race and some "historic" precedent, we'll stick to our assessment methodology that has served us well over the years. We will continue to judge by character, associations, respect for and adherence to the Constitution, and results. Obama is 0-4 in these areas today. Let's see how he does as President.

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