Friday, December 07, 2007

Let us get this straight... [Comments]

US intelligence lied when they said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and they shouldn't be trusted. But they are telling the truth in the latest National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) report that Iran has halted its atomic weapons program, and they should be trusted.

The Democrats are outraged that the CIA destroyed interrogation tapes to protect its agents (from the enemy within?), and equally outraged that former Assistant Secretary of State Richard Armitage shared the non-agent, ultra-lib, send-my-loser-husband-on-a-trip, pose-on-the-cover-of-Vanity-Fair CIA employee Valerie Plame's identity with the media.

Could we label this coordinated Democrat & MSM behavior as "partisanship over national security"? I think we'd call that conclusion a slam dunk!

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