Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Karl's Weekend Reading

Here is a two-week dose of reading. Enjoy!

Mark Heminway at the NRO made a couple calls to the Communist Party USA and the American Nazi Party for their reaction to Bush's warning that "History teaches that underestimating the words of evil, ambitious men is a terrible mistake." He mentioned Lenin and Hitler as those underestimated. One organization took it as a compliment, the other as an insult.

So the US has waterboarded one terrorist for every one thousand Americans killed on 9-11. No wonder the Democrats' panties are in a bunch this week over the wreckless use of torture! Deroy Murdock at the NRO explains:

Waterboarding has worked quickly, causing at least one well-known subject to break down and identify at least six other high-profile, highly bloodthirsty associates before they could commit further mass murder beyond the 3,192 people they already killed and the 7,715 they already wounded.

Though clearly uncomfortable, waterboarding loosens lips without causing permanent physical injuries (and unlikely even temporary ones). If terrorists suffer long-term nightmares about waterboarding, better that than more Americans crying themselves to sleep after their loved ones have been shredded by bombs or baked in skyscrapers.

Bret Stephens at the WSJ compares the ends-justifies-the-means of WWII firebombings and atombombing to today's means-focused debate on waterboarding. At this rate, the next generation of America's fighters will be handing out free iPods to our enemies. (Full disclosure: Karl owns Apple stock in preparation for the next war)

Mike S. Adams at Townhall apologizes to communists for his recent speech.

I am sorry that communists actually exist in the United States of America – a nation so great that it must construct walls to keep people out.

I am sorry that these communists would like to turn this great nation into one that must construct walls to keep people in.

Bush Hatred is explained in Peter Berkowitz's WSJ opinion article, The Insanity of Bush Hatred.

Ann Coulter combines criticism of the MSM with a solid summary of recent events in Pakistan in her Townhall article, Musharraf: The Tolstoy of the Zulus.

Now, with the surge in Iraq working, Democrats are completely demoralized. Al-Qaida was counting on them. (We know the surge in Iraq is working because it is no longer front page news.)

In a tape released in early September, Osama bin Laden bitterly complained, "You elected the Democratic Party for this purpose" -- of ending the war in Iraq -- "but the Democrats haven't made a move worth mentioning."

It isn't enough for the media to drop all mentions of the surge or to subsidize ads denouncing Gen. David Petraeus as "General Betray Us." (He IS betraying liberals by winning the war for America, the enemy of liberals.) They need to stir up trouble for the U.S. someplace else in the world.