Sunday, April 08, 2007

Karl's Iranian Hostage Resolution Hopes

Well... we really were off base in our predictions of quick and massive Thatcheristic retaliations last week - link.

Maybe we're spending too much time in our Cold War studies of Reagan and Thatcher to think SO MUCH has changed that the Iranians can commit an act of war and not suffer the consequences.

We are more in danger because of this last week's peaceful resolution, as Rich Lowry at the NRO explains in Capitulation Caucus - link.

We've been scouring the blogs, news sites, and other dark corners of the web to find something that best sums up this episode. To date, this is the best we've found. UT LGF.

Will the free world get another juicy opportunity to drop bombs on Iran?

Victor Davis Hanson provides an alternative view in his NRO article: Begging for a Bombing. (Don't hold your breath for intellectually honest analysis or a 3rd alternative from the MSM commies...)

What should we make of the Iranians’ behavior?

Namely that the country’s leadership is in deep political trouble. The Iranian government is desperate to provoke the West to win back friends in the Islamic world, and to quell growing unrest at home. Subsidizing food and gas, providing billions for terrorists and building nukes all cost money at a time when the state-run Iranian economy is in shambles.

4.11.07 UPDATE: Jimbo at Black Five has another take - here. We completely disagree. Also, LGF posts the Bolton response - here.