Sunday, January 07, 2007

Karl's Prediction - Rice to VP

I predict Friday's re-shuffle of Bush's Iraq team is a predecessor to another re-shuffle.

Shuffle #1: Negroponte moves to #2 at State.

Shuffle #2: Cheney resigns. Rice to VP.

  • Regretfully, Cheney won't run in '08.
  • Conventional wisdom has been that if he were to resign, it would be after the mid-term elections.
  • Negroponte is better than #2 material.
  • The current field of likely Republican candidates is, shall we say, lacking.
  • The Bush Doctrine must continue.
  • Rice is loyal to Bush and his strategy.
  • Bush is loyal to Rice.
  • Rice is qualified and capable, and would DESTROY any candidate the other side can offer.
  • And last, Bush has a habit of making lemonade out of lemons, and there are a lot of new lemons on capitol hill.

Wishful thinking from a guy in pajamas and a ushanka? Or brilliant, insightful and objective analysis?

Suggested MSM Headlines in the event Shuffle #2 occurs:

  • Democrats Outraged at Sneaky VP Shuffle
  • Experts: Rice Not Tested at VP-Level Responsibilities
  • Hillary Welcomes Rice to the 2008 Campaign
  • Obama's Prior Drug Use Not An Issue Against Rice in '08 - Analysts
  • W. VA Senator Offers Rice 1/5 of His Confirmation Vote
  • Poll: Rice Reputation Associated with Failures in Iraq
  • Reid: "No Free Pass in the Senate Confirmation Hearings"
  • Americans Divided with Prospect of a Black President
  • Dean Questions the 'Rush' to Confirm Rice
  • San Francisco Speaker Says Rice "Too Extreme"

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