Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Blogroll Housekeeping

Our annual'ish blogroll review and changes:


Ol' Remus
Gateway Pundit
Earl of Taint
Noisy Room
III Percent Patriots
The Shekel
Lagniappe's Lair
Silvio Canto Jr.

Category: Commercial.  


Anti-Anti-Underground - dead link
Maksim - last post 9/13
The Looking Spoon - he's moved on to greener, capitalist pursuits
Sharp Elbows - last post 2/13
Wall Street Journal Links: Stephens and O'Grady - they've added a firewall
Action Figure Therapy - they got weird

Blogroll philosophy:

I only add sites that I've been visiting for a while.

I will not add any new sites that have pop-ups.  One or two are grandfathered.

"Comrades" are bloggers who've I've met, or who have simply written me back.  These are great people and I am honored to know them.  I encourage you to find bloggers that you identify with, and to support them with comments.  Hopefully you'll make some new friends as I have.

I added the "Commercial" category.  These are sites with edited content.  The writers are great, but the sites' desire to make money with ads suggest their message is polished.  I prefer my content raw.

It is correct to assume that I agree with most of what is posted at these sites.

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Aaron said...

I appreciate being added to your blogroll. Thank you.