Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Commie Themes

...in the blog sphere.  There seems to be more lately.

Zoomie reminises about Schwinn bicycles:
These vintage American-made bikes had no suspension and nothing to soften the ride and it was so rough-riding that it would make one's spine shoot out one's asshole.  But that's the kinda thing that made America great and tough.


Nowadays, Schwinns are most likely made in the motherland of all Commie wastelands...China...and they use tubular forks or forks that have pneumatic or fluid or some other kind of shock absorber that pussifies our youth and makes them dependent on government for their every need.

Commie bicycles were the ruination of America.

Pretty much. 
And Comrade Maksim recently posted this winner of pseudo-commie propaganda over at The People's Cube:

Comrades Zoomie and Maksim are two of our top dissidents remaining in the wild.  Be sure to swing by their sites before they're pulled in for re-education!

UPDATED 9:30am:

Oh ya.  We foung this image on FB a few days ago and meant to post it.

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